Welcome to Fringeworthy: Year Zero

Welcome to the Fringeworthy Campaign! We’re playtesting the Savage Worlds version of the rules, so things are bound to change as we go along.

The team members of IDET 2 are:

  • Bryan Carter: Reverend Tom Aimsley, IDET 2 team leader
  • Todd Zircher: Parker Edward “Papa Zulu” Zolis
  • Bert Isa: Mstislav “Misty” Egorov
  • Moses: Christoffer O’Dell
  • Trevor Hudgins: Antonio “The Golden Sabre” Sara’Juevo
  • Paul: Carstairs Wilkes Tyndale, TÆSS

Also, check out our wiki page for more information on the setting.

Fringeworthy: Year Zero

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